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Hello Guys, and Gurls. Ladies and Gentlemen… Folks and Fellas!!

Welcome To My World….
Here I’m gonna sharing my  thoughts, ideas , experiences , and opinions, Both the funny ones and the not so funny ones and I don’t think its should be too hard to understand.  Yes I  know I sounded a little bit selfish when I said welcome to my world , you wouldn’t fault me, I wish I could have a  whole planet to myself.. But since we share a world and are connected in one way or the other I’ll say
welcome to my  side of the worldhehe

Have fun reading !!! And I’d really love to know whatyou think about any of my posts, and articles. So please leave your comments..    Ps  forgive my use of english, it just easier to type like I’m chatting you know.

ENJOY !!!!!! loveMcGee

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The Y. O. L. O point!! 

You only live once!!! 

  You know that point in your life when you suddenly realize something that changes everything, that járà ē (break free) moment, a time when it seems like scales have fallen from your eyes and you can now see things that have there been before you along. You know na..
ITS amazing how little things we discover or learn or do can cause a complete turn  or change in our lives, the way we think, act  and percieve the world.
      The YOLO point is one of those points, its a point that redefines a mans existence

It gives life worth and substance in ways one could never imagine it would. Dont get me wrong o YOLO can be twisted into something meaningless and repulsively negative like some youths have turned it into today.

    However IN THE MIND of one who is out to make something out of his or her life, yolo is like a clarion call to living a complete life and dying empty like the apostle paul did.

     THE YOLO POINT  ESSENTIALLY Makes a man realize that : this your life o, all 100 and something years of it (if Jesus tarries) is a gift, a one chance something.

You can’t afford to waste it, you gass to jara e and find purpose and fufill it,
It brings you to point where you have to choose between a life where 24hrs becomes too small, or one where you’re just another person in the crowd.

  THE YOLO point gets you to think about things like;

  • Okay, now that im here and i have just one shot, what am i gonna do with it? 
  • How can i make this one shot worthwhile?
  • Biko Why am i here gan sef? 

 Essentially we all have different things that represent our YOLO point and also experiences and circumstances of life could also aid our getting there,….. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!! make it count!! 👏 👏 👏 

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 I would love to hear from you please comment!! 

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YES YES!!! finally,  2015 is passed away, 2016 Has come afresh,  its a new year of new beginnings,  i promise to Pay more attention to my blog and also  be serious with things that really matter in life. so many things happened in 2015 and I have God to thank for being alive and well enough  to write this post.

I believe we humans tend not to appreciate life enough until we get very very close to losing it.  it isn’t a pleasant thing but i believe most of us alive wouldn’t know the worth of the life we’re living until we’re close enough to loosing it.  many of us won’t appreciate of  the gift of life  given to us until we’re close to getting life sniffed out us,  some of us won’t know it until it has already been sniffed out of us. On this note I make my first and most important resolution thus year to develop an habit of waking up every morning to say thank you to my manufacturer for the GIFT OF LIFE!!!!…

Nice way to start a year isn’t it?

Next on what would have been my list of new year resolutions was to loose as many more pounds as possible  this year✋💪💪 until my father

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Life is chess

Life is like a game of chess, every move you make, every opportunity you take every piece you sacrifice is all for one purpose, to achieve your main aim which is to capture the king. I love games and often times I find myself illustrating and comparing some basic principles of life with certain games. This kind of give complex issues a simpler explanation and keeps things on a lighter note, it also makes things quite easy to understand and figure out. I’m of the opinion that the concept of chess, is most suitable for making life illustrations and comparisons about life. I also think soccer is a very good illustrating medium but I don’t think it is as potent as chess in making substantial life comparisons. 
Tonight I’ll be talking about “THE BIG PICTURE”.  Chess is unlike many games in which you can win by sheer luck, in the game of chess you can’t win by luck, its either you know what you’re doing or you don’t. Continue reading “LIFE IS CHESS ; THE BIG PICTURE 1”

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Life isn’t fair?.. That’s not enough excuse

The 21st century man seems to be so keen on the fact that life is not fair, he uses the phrase as an excuse for his failures and then hang his boots on the shoulders of “this is my fate”. I do not fall under the category of people who believe in a predestined fate, I do believe
Continue reading “Life isn’t fair?.. That’s not enough excuse”